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About Us

About  Your Training

Training can take place at your Clinic/Beauty Salon or you can visit Cardiff Treatment Rooms  2 Glamorgan St Cardiff, CF5 1QS 

Welcome to a new business and an exciting career opportunity to lean amazing new skills, whether it is to start a new business or to add to an existing one. You will be trained and insured to the highest standards required to gain your fully accredited certificate.  If you are looking to develop your career or to start a new one, then our courses are a great place for you to start. You don’t need any prior experience for some of our courses, all we ask for is enthusiasm, commitment.  Although,for the Dermal Filler Course you need to be fully qualified as a Medic or Non-medic with NVQ3 or above.
A well trained professional can earn an absolute fortune with the help of a good marketing strategy.  Also a job you will enjoy.  Only a few hours per week you could earn more than someone who works full time from 9-5 for a whole month. This should not be the primary reason you choose this career, hence why we have so many sub standard practitioners producing less than desirable work.  We access this at your initial contact as we only train good practitioners. We are delighted to offer a wealth of resource, dedicated to helping you learn more and about any other course we offer.

The Aesthetic Cosmetic Industry.

Today it is a fast moving and an innovative one., and for those who want to reach the top it is extremely demanding. You need to train at a standard today at the highest standards. At the this Academy we believe that our students should be the best in their field and should have fulfilling and rewarding careers.

We spare no effort in the pursuit of excellence. A high standard of work input is required from every student. If you believe that this is the career you would like to pursue, you will find our training and teaching techniques extremely comprehensive but also enjoyable.

Training at the Academy

Theory and Practical must comply with the hours that are needed and are given by the Insurance Company. Pre study material is given on line by email, prior to the intensive practical work and personal tuition. It is made easier and more flexible to suit your needs. Whether working around your family or around a busy schedule. You can use the Distance Learning Study Method for your Pre Study course to give you a head start with the course. Pre Study Material on line is prior to the Intensive practical work and personal and must be completed prior to the course. Although we go through the theory again during the course. The assessments have to be met with the training.

Your teacher/trainer

Your work will be assessed and marked and then will return them to you via email, with any helpful comments, also this is including at your practical, at the end of each lesson (by email). If you do not require this. The teacher/trainer will assess your answers if work is not reaching our threshold of acceptance, students will be asked to repeat. Work it is submitted and assess every lesson (marking)

Pre Course Theory Study. – on line, Anatomy and Physiology, Skin Disorders – Safety and Sanitation – Hygiene – Control Measures – By Laws – Legislation, Treatment Procedures – Contra – indications and aftercare Pre and Post Procedure and Preparation – Insurance and Liabilities – Assessments. – Health Safety and Hygiene standards. Practical Assessments.

Who can train:  Doctors Nurses, Therapist NVQ3 and above for Dermal Fillers, For Micro Blading and Semi Permanent Makeup,we can train, hairdressers,tattoo artists, and anyone wanting to complete a career change. You will learn all the latest techniques and skills. A Certificate will be awarded at the end of the course. When you have succeeded, this will allow you to proceed with the new skills  within a clinical environment and your new business.

About your teacher:

Eileen  Strong   -   with 30yrs experience

*International Aesthetics Practitioner Teacher/Trainer and Assessor D32/D33 Certificate 2001 – 
 Diploma No. 0096
*CPD Certification Membership No 12361
*Member of the Educational Lecturing Services - 2002 Registration No. 10328348
*City and Guilds - Competences in Training and Development Vocational Assessor - 2001
*Licensed with Local Health Authorities Certification Registration No. 0012 Certification Registration No. 2005/S09
*Fully Insured by Cathedral Insurance to Teach you and train you to the standards required to gain your Endorsed Qualification to start your own business

Having previously trained in Beverly Hills, also Harley St .
Eileen  was also a Finalist at the Beauty Awards London was also chosen by Life Magazine as the top clinic in South Wales. 

Eileen also attended with Dr. Danne Montague King at his Clinic in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. 
Eileen is a  qualified Para-Medical Skin Revision and Natural Pharmacology practitioner 

Yvonne Rigley a journalist who worked on the TV and for News of the World, Daily Mirror, and Wales on Sunday visited the clinic and featured Eileen in “Wales on Sunday” as she was impressed with the treatments she received. 

Eileen also attended the BBC and participated in the Radio Programme ‘SKIN DEEP’ Offering advice on the skin and beauty treatments.

Also chosen to appear on Friday Night Live Friday night with Simon Biagi HTV TV Programme

Eileen has also Worked at the Good Health Clinic in South Kensington London 


*Qualified Para Medical Skin Revision and Natural Pharmacology Practitioner Harley st London
*Advanced Electrolysis (Minor Cosmetics Surgery)
*Anaphylaxis 2019
*CPR 2019
*Plasmapen (Trained by Louise Walsh) 2018
*PRP 2018
*First Aid 2017- Oct 2020
*Micro Blading 2017
*Fire Awareness 2017
*COSHH Clinic Environments 2017
*HIFU 2017
*Pova Certificate 2016  Protection of Vunerable Persons. 
*Fire Safety Certificate  2015
*Ultra S Lipo Cavitation & Radio Frequency Certificate no. 141729 Training by NU U (UK) Ltd May 2015
*Micro Blading Certificate 2015
*Cryo Freeze London 2015 
*Cryo Freeze teaching Certificate 2015
*CryOmega Freeze for skin tags Training by NU U (UK) Ltd May 2015 
*Radio  Frequency Bipolar Tripolar Multipolar Radio Frequency Training by NU U (UK) Ltd May 2015
*Cavitation 2015
*Core of knowledge for Lasers with Dr Anna Bass 2014 
*Tattoo removal Course with Dr Ross Martyn and Dr Godfrey Town 2014 
*Laser Q-switched Nd YAG Laser for Tattoo removal 2014 London IPL for Super Hair removal 2014 London 
*IPL for Skin Rejuvenation 2014   London IPL for Thread Veins and Acne. (Vascular) 2014  London 
*London Refresher course - Para-Medical Skin Revision and Natural Pharmacology Certificate – London 2012  
*Dermaroller – Boston Medical Clinic in London Feb 2011
*Genie - Tech Certificate for Micro Muscle Stimulation for Face and Body 2009
*Core of Knowledge Certificate for IPL and Lasers 2008
*Xenolite Laser Intense Pulsed Light Core of Knowledge Course 2008
*Health and Safety workshop Health Inspectorate of Wales 
*Xenolite Intensed Pulsed Light Trained under Dr P Evans 2006 Xenolite Intense Pulsed Light Skin Rejuvenation under Dr P Evans 2008
*Laser Class 3B Certificate - Trained under Omega Laser London 1991
*Eporex Mesotherapy by Pasha London 2006
*Mesotherapy with needles Certificate held at the Royal Society of Medicine London 2005 – presented and authorized 
 by Wigmore Medical London
*Mesotherapy  with needles Certificate held at the Royal College of Physicians 2004 – presented and authorized by 
 Euromedical Systems Ltd
*Natural Pharmacology - Paramedical Dermal Technician – Dr Dannẻ Advanced Skin Revision Course. - Certificate 
 graduation date July 2004 at No 1 Harley St London 
*Botulinum Toxin Certificate – trained and authorised under Dr David Eccleston Cosmetic Physician and Lead Clinican 
*Phlebotomist - Vene Puncture Certified - Prince Charles Hospital 2001 Presented by Dr K Myers and Sister Meek  
*Restylane Certificate (Dermal Filler - Q Med - Trained under Esthetics - London -2001
*Plasmalite Laser - Trained by Clinical Specialist at Focus Surgical 2000 
*Para-Medical Skin Revision and Natural Pharmacology Certificate - Trained by Dr D M King  Beverly Hills USA .
*Graduated 2000 Covering full knowledge of: Anatomy/ Physics/Science Skin Diseases and Disorders covering Health and Hygiene Dermatology
*Sclerotherapy Certificate – Trained under Dr. Patterson 1997 This treatment is Authorised by Medical Doctor
*Anaphylaxis Shock Training with Dr. Patterson Woodford London 
*Intra Dermal Cosmetic Pigmentation DIP and Micro-pigmentation Removal - London 1995 
*Advanced Thread Vein Removal / Skin Tags Minor Cosmetic Surgery Procedures certificate 1993
*Electrolysis Certificate - 1993 Registered 
*Laser Class 3B Certificate - Trained under Omega Laser London 1991
*Repcom Switzerland -1993 
*M.D.Formation Certificate Glycolic Peels 1994
*Micro Muscle Treatments. C.A.C.I Micromode Medical Certificate1992 
*Eurowave Body Treatments – Theory and practical 1993
*Electropolysis Body Fat Reduced treatment – Gaia form 1999
*Oxyjet 2000 MSB Marketing Ltd Certificate 2003
*G.M Collin France – Diploma International 2003 
*Skin Specialist Therapist Certificate I.H.B.C. 1990 Registration No. 41564. 
*Beauty Therapy Aesthetics. I.H.B.C Diploma with credits Equivalent NVQ3/4