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Brows Only Semi Permanent Makeup

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Semi Permanent Makeup  

CPD Accredited and Endorsed
And Endorsed by Cathedral Insurance Associates Ltd

Trained by an International Teacher Assessor

Hair Strokes/Blush or Block 

Includes all equipment plus training for 2 days.

SPM Machine

3 pigments/ also pigment pots
Facial Masks
Sharps Box
Head Band
Numbing Cream
Vit A and D Ointment Sachets for aftercare
Client leaflets
Consultation forms
Aftercare Forms

Course cost is £2000.00  which must be paid in full prior to theory being processed, included  is a a fully digital Micro-Pigmentation Machine and relevant kit.

Pre-study Package
The home study package has been designed carefully to educate the technician in all aspects of micro pigmentation before the intense practical training commences. This gives the technician an insight as to how they have absorbed each module, it will provide a solid foundation of knowledge to build and complete the training. You will be asked to make notes in your manual in order to discuss them during the days of training.

Practical Training
Practical training will be providing skills of the three basic areas of Permanent makeup: Eyebrows, block, powder and hair strokes. We spend three full days on eyebrows; covering the artistry of micropigmentation on templates and practise mats that resemble skin, design and the various techniques you'll need.

We will provide all your models and will give you an understanding of each of the procedures. You will learn a variety of techniques to give you the freedom and choice as a technician, including hair stroke, powder and block brows.

Model - Portfolio 
After you have completed your initial training with us, you will then be asked to complete a portfolio of your models. Documents of the treatments with photos and paperwork will be produced. After your model - portfolio has been completed (3 treatments of each procedure will have to be produced), we will organise and arrange your assessment day following your training. Your assessment day is the final  day of your training on your course and this is the time you will be certified by F.A.C.E Clinic officially. 

Aftercare & Support
We offer advice and post-course support. If you are having problems with a specific procedure or technique or you'd like more confidence we'll arrange a day at the Academy where you can either shadow one of our trainers, or observe another Diploma course on a specific day. At our training Academy we are committed and take training very seriously. When you have completed the course you should be happy, confident and become a professional technician. 

The course Includes all your needs to start your new business including machines, pigments, cartridges, holders, a trolley case and of course full training.

Assessment Day
You will be assessed and asked to perform 3 procedures of each technique ; Brows, block, powder or hair strokes. Detailed feedback will then be provided, and an ongoing plan will be agreed.

A £500 deposit is all that's required to secure your place on the course and release your pre-study manual and welcome pack. While the deposit is non-refundable, we are happy to move your training dates to a more suitable time for you if required.

Course content
Eyebrows: block effect, powder, hair-like stokes,

Includes 40 hours pre study for non therapists, nurses and therapists. Theory can be done online and will be assessed and marked.

Home study manual for pre-course study on theory.

3 days practical training and ongoing assessments for non therapists, therapists, nurses or health care professionals. 

You will learn the highest standards of hygiene and safety and will have on going support and access to Pigments.

This course is designed to give students all they need to start a new career in permanent cosmetics. Models are provided for all treatments however, you may bring your own if you require.

Topics include

    Understanding Semi-Permanent Make-Up

    Health and Safety - Risk assessments

    Clinical Waste and Sharps box

    Local Government Policies on Piercing the Skin

    Local Rules 

    Contra-Indications and After Care 

    Understanding Skin Tones

    Pigment Ranges and Product Supplies

    Mixing of Colours

    Sizes of Needles 

    Different Types of Needles Including Flat Needles

    Minimising Pain/Anaesthetics 




Day – 1 Eyebrow Techniques

TheoryContra indications and how to conduct a consultation • How to fill out medical history and understanding the importance • Setting up a trolley and equipment • Sanitation and sterilisation before and after equipment use • Machine controls, hand-piece and needle adjustment • Different eyebrow techniques on simulated skin material • Observing treatments • Live models for eyebrow procedures • Eyebrow design • Discussions.

Day – 2 Eyebrow Techniques 
Eyebrows technique practise • Colour theory  • Understanding skin-tones and under-tones • A guide to colour mixing, warming and cooling • Preparation of a client for eyebrow procedures • Adjustment of asymmetrical eyebrows • Choosing the correct colour • Practise on simulated skin material then on live models by Teacher initially then by student • Observing correct gripping technique • Discussions.

Day – 3 Eyebrow Techniques
Eyebrow technique practise • theory and practise • Preparing client for lash-line procedure • Beauty Spots
practical  • Learning correct eyeliner and lash-line  techniques • Correct needles • Correct depth for eyeliner procedure • Practicing eye-brows and different techniques  on live models • Discussions.

Day 4 - Practical and Theory Overview 

• Live models on Eyebrow, procedures on live models. 
​Business marketing and strategy • Assessment • Discussions
Assessments will be scheduled only when you have independently completed 3 case studies of eyebrows. 

A Certificate is awarded at the end of the course allowing you to proceed with your new skills for your new business. 

Please consult with your own Local Council for Registration of License to become a Practitioner that is registered by law when you have passed the requirements needed to pass your exam.  
You will not gain insurance if you are mobile and if you are thinking of working from your home please contact them prior to see what the regulations are that they require for your location and address.

It is very important to be taught by an experienced teacher trainer to allow you to qualify to the standards of the health and safety regulations and to gain full insurance cover and your license. 

After all training, assessments and test have been completed and you gain your certificate only then will we submit and forward to gain your insurance and license.

Equipment is of the very highest standard.

Our Semi Permanent Makeup Machine

Micropigmentation Machine 
Led Display
Portable and Rechargeable  
Speed 25000 rpm to 35000 rpm
 Cartridge Needles Included 3 boxes included

This Machine has no restrictions as all skin types can be treated  i.e oily skin, mature skin, thickened skin, scarred skin and normal skin.

Machine and products are all included in the course and are included in your business trolley with all contents for your complete business


Digital Machine

Practise Mat

Acrylic Pigment Cups 

Sharps Box  

Large Yellow Hazard Bags

Protective Vinyl Gloves 

Pre-Injection Sterilizing Sterex Solution

Semi Permanent Designs

After Care Leaflets

Information Leaflets

Client Consultation Forms and After Care Forms

Start-up Training Manual

Eyebrow Designs

Disposable Cartridges

Pigments: Five Pigments Included

Portfolio of Photos

Leaflets for Semi Permanent Makeup

A Certificate is awarded at the end of the course allowing you to proceed with your new skills within a clinic or your new business and gain your insurance and License. 

Insurance Cover while training will cover you for the duration of the training course. 
When you have gained your Certificate you may obtain your insurance from below :

Larry Hinge
Cathedral Associates Insurance Ltd
TEL:   01892 601198  /  01892 601199