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Online First Aid in the Workplace CPD Accredited Was £45

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First Aid Emergency Proceedures.


This course goes into a Bespoke, First Aid Emergency Procedures that could happen daily within the Work Place. So whether you work in a clinic or a salon, or your own home. This course helps gives you knowledge that you need with any emergency within your workplace.

You will in the theory receive diagrams and photos. There is also a test at the end of the training, once you have completed you test and come to the end of your course you will send this back to the email below

You may sit down and take your time to do this course at your own pace, pause whenever you need to and scroll back when necessary.

It is very important that you really understand the theory as there is a lot of knowledge to take in

If you do not send all the correct answers you will have time to retry to gain your Certificate. you will receive a certificate sent to your



LESSON ONE         First Aid Kit

LESSON TWO        Recovery Position


LESSON FOUR      Defibrillator

LESSON FIVE        Choking

LESSON SIX           Anaphylaxis Reaction

LESSON SEVEN     Vasovagal Reaction

LESSON EIGHT       External Bleeding

LESSON NINE         Needle Stick Injury

LESSON TEN           Eye Injury