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Refresher Day For Semi Permanent Makeup

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Course 4  Semi Permanent Makeup - Confidence Refresher Day

£500 per day for the experienced only - one of the areas only; eyebrows, lip liner or eyeliner. No products included training only

Eyebrows will cover - Block, blush, and hair strokes
Eyeliner will cover eyeliner and eyelash enhancement
Lip liner will cover lip liner and blush

If you have already trained in semi permanent make up (micro pigmentation) but feel your skills could be updated or you are a little out of date or to just give you an extra boost, this course is for you. We will work with you to create the training plan that is unique to your requirements and deliver a day of hands on treatments and theory that will leave you feeling confident and energised with more enthusiasm.

Whether you want to refresh on eyebrows, colour, eye liner, lip liner, round needles/ flat needles or anything else, this day is entirely for you to choose. 

The Refresher Training Course is designed for experienced technicians who have completed training in the past and now want to become up to date with the latest trends and techniques in the industry. 

The Refresher Training Course is also suitable for individuals who have recently completed their training, but feel they have not gained sufficient knowledge or performed enough “hands-on” procedures and would like to gain more knowledge become more comfortable with the techniques.