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Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation
Scalp Micropigmentation
Scalp Micropigmentation
Scalp Micropigmentation
Scalp Micropigmentation
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Scalp Pigmentation -Micro Pigmentation 3 day Practical course 2 Day Theory
Trained by International Teacher/Trainer/ Assessor to the highest standards.
What will you learn?
There are a number of key disciplines that you must master to become a fully trained Practitioner.. We will equip you with the knowledge and hands-on experience to perfect these disciplines on your course
for you to achieve this. You will be sent via email of post the brochure and questions to be answered
prior to the practical. All theory can be completed on line prior to your practical, you will also have to
complete your test prior to the practical tuition.
Density and Colour matching
Achieving the natural results from the clients real hair to their treated area requires perfect replication of their hair follicles, not only in shade but in their distribution. You have to be dedicated to your work and very patient as this is very important for your client to gain the confidence they have lost due to loss of hair. You perfect this art so you can make your clients achieve more self esteem and confidence with exceptional results every time. Face Training will help you gain a new business or add to your existing business..
Natural and edged-up hairlines
The frontal hairline is the first thing your client will use to judge your performance, we measure this to exactly symmetrical and it is also the first thing their friends and family will notice if you fail to get this right. Whether your client wants a natural broken hairline or a sharp and modern edged-up look, we’ll make sure you can give the client exactly what they want.
Once you have decided to apply for the course and paid your pre study on line tuition will be emailed to you.
This will give you the time to complete your pre-course reading questions and answers.
You will receive the knowledge you need to develop your skills, your personal reputation as a technician and ultimately mine as an International Teacher/Trainer You’ll really need to know your stuff.
You will know all about pigment selection and mixing of the exact colours, aftercare and maintenance, longevity, ethnicity and age-related considerations will be taught during your time
The opportunities for skilled permanent technicians are many and varied.
Career and business opportunities vary greatly depending on the individual technician’s training and desires. Many nurses and doctors, as well as hair, skin, and nail care professionals are choosing to train in permanent cosmetic procedures. The technician requires a creative ability and will be required to perform fine
detailed procedures
If you have no recognised qualifications, extra theoretical and practical aspects must be covered in the course. This will be included in the work we provide.
It is important to note that this is a skill that requires a steady hand and a very artistic eye. We will cover in great detail the theory as well as the practical side of Micro pigmentation. Qualified therapists also often need to review their understanding of the skin structure and make-up skills. The course is designed to work at a pace that suits you
Students will be assessed for competence at course and post course and will have to provide 4
procedures with photographs when the course has been completed and will have to come back for an assessment day before issuing a Certificate on Completion and Passing the Course.
DAY ONE - Hands on and going over theory
Allergies and patch testing 24 hrs prior to treatment
Healing the skin and after care
Camouflaging in practical
Client consultation will go over thoroughly
Forms and Releases - ,must be signed
Medical records - you must go over with teacher to know exactly what contraindications are in place.
Health and Safety
Sterilization = everything is disposable.
DAY 2 Hands on and going over theory
Cross contamination
Protective Equipment = gloves and masks.
Work place safety requirements
Pigment migration - shown in practical
Setting up your work station = prior to the clients treatments.
Hands on treatment by students with live model after a day on practice mats.
Colour correction
DAY 3 - Hands on and going over theory
Hair Replication-Hair Stroke and Pointulism. Equipment, needles, pigments, technique, theory, marketing, hands on procedure performed by students..
Hands on and going over theory
 blending, hair stroke, hands on Procedure

Hands on Practical
Hair Replication,
Measuring, symmetry, colour mixing, application techniques, Alopecia,, Hands on procedure performed by
Topics include:

    Understanding Micro Pigmentation for the scalp

    Health and Safety - Risk assessment

    Clinical Waste and Sharps box

    Local Government policies on Piercing the skin

    Local Rules 

    Contra-Indications and after care 

    Understanding Skin Tones.

    Pigment ranges and product supplies

    Mixing of colours

    Sizes of needles 

    Different types of needles including flat needles.

    Minimising pain/anaesthetics 


Business marketing and strategy • Assessment • Discussions
Assessments after training will be sent to trainer only when you have independently completed five case studies

A Certificate is awarded at the end of the course allowing you to proceed with your new skills within a clinic or your new business. 

Please consult with your own Local Council for Registration of License to become a Practitioner that is registered by law when you have passed the requirements needed to pass your exam.
It is very important to be taught by an experienced teacher trainer to allow you to qualify to the

standards of the health and safety regulations and to gain full insurance cover and your license. 

After all training, assessments and test have been completed and you gain your certificate and only then will we submit and forward to gain your insurance and license

Equipment - of the very highest standard


Mastof  Micro pigmentation machine 
Led display
Portable rechargeable  Speed 25000 - 35000 rpm
needle length  0.25mm - 2.5mm
One Box of R1 cartridge needles. included

This Machine has no restrictions as all skin types can be treated   i.e oily, mature, thickened skin, scarred, and normal.

Machine and Products are all included in course  included in your  business trolley  with all contents for your complete business


Mastof digital Machine
Cartridges R1
Practise Mat
Acrylic Pigment Caps 
Sharps Box  Large  Hazard Bags
Protective Vinyl Gloves 
Pre-injection sterilizing sterex sulution
Information Leaflets
Client Consultation Forms and after care forms
Start-up training manual
Pigments  3 pigments  included.
Leaflets for Scalp Micro Pigmentation 

A Certificate is awarded at the end of the course allowing you to proceed with your new skills within a clinic or your new business and gain your insurance and License. 

Insurance Cover while training  that will cover you for the duration of the training course. 
When you have gained your Certificate you may obtain your insurance from below :
Larry Hinge
Cathedral Insurance
TEL:   01892 601198  /  01892 601199